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A craving for carving

Hand-carved table, bench and mirror

We’ve had a lot of clients who have ordered some of our beautiful hand-carved pieces recently and thought we’d share a selection of furniture that has gone out. But first we’d like to introduce you to Stuart and Wendy who do all our carving. They carve everything by hand and eye, often drawing the pattern onto the first before they take a chisel to the wood.

Wendy Buckfield our carver who has been with us for nearly 17 years
Stuart Last who joined us last year, here carving the edge of a giant table

Anyway, the best thing to do is let their work speak for itself…

A small side board and carved Elizabethan mirror destined for Malaga
An Elizabethan Court Cupboard
A close up of the carving on our buffet
A magnificent carved table finished in a charcoal matt finish
A close up of the legs
Four hand-carved table legs.
Four hand-carved table legs.