Titchmarsh & Goodwin

in Britain

We are proud to be still hand-making in Britain using a workforce that is a mix between experience and youthful dynamism: craftsmen with skills honed on the bench for more than 30 years and young apprentices picking up traditional crafts from French polishing to wood carving and gilding.

We love the fact that we are keeping these traditional hand-crafting skills alive in an age of mass production and uniformity. We love the fact too that these skills are being handed down to the next generation. But most of all we’re proud of the quality of workmanship and beauty of finish that we can achieve with our workforce. We make furniture in the same way that its been made for hundreds of years, but made to suit the modern environment with its heating and air conditioning.

If you worry about “decorating miles” in the same way as about food miles, you’ll be reassured to know that the longest journey our oak furniture (and much of our walnut) will make will be from our Suffolk workshop to your home. We use oak trees, mainly from managed East Anglian woodlands, then dry and season them at our sawmills near Ipswich. All of our furniture is made at our workshops in the centre of Ipswich, so we really do control our production process, quite literally from tree to table.

Contact Titchmarsh & Goodwin on 01473 252158 to find out more information about bespoke British made furniture.

Titchmarsh & Goodwin Proudly handmade at our workshops in Suffolk, England