Titchmarsh & Goodwin

Woods & Finishes: Walnut

English Walnut wooden furniture with its curvilinear style was probably introduced into the UK by Huguenot craftsmen in the late 17th century with the age of walnut furniture reaching its peak during the reign of Queen Anne and George I in the 18th century. For our range of walnut furniture we source most of our walnut from the UK and love working with it because its figuration gives it a unique appearance adding a warmth and sophistication to any interior – contemporary or more traditional. Our walnut comes in two different types: the plainer swirl and more characterful burr walnut. In terms of finishes we offer an antiqued finish, a standard finish, a mellow or faded finish as well as our natural finish which shows off the grey tones of the walnut.


Titchmarsh & Goodwin Proudly handmade at our workshops in Suffolk, England