Titchmarsh & Goodwin

Woods & Finishes: Mahogany

Sustainability is at the heart of any piece of Titchmarsh & Goodwin furniture and our mahogany is no exception. We use both plantation-grown mahogany, which was planted in 1950s by Commonwealth foresters and FSC certified veneers from a responsible source and go to extraordinary lengths to carry out checks on our wood so our clients can be reassured and our mahogany wooden furniture can be enjoyed with a clear conscience.

It’s also with our mahogany range that the skills of our wood turners, carvers, cabinet makers and French polishers can be seen most vibrantly. Our mahogany furniture comes in two regular shades: standard and mellow and can be crossbanded with mahogany, rosewood or satinwood depending on the look you are after. We have returnable samples for you to try out at home. We also have plenty of other wood veneers to match or contrast with our mahogany wooden furniture if you have something in mind. Call our friendly design office or visit us at our Ipswich workshops

Titchmarsh & Goodwin Proudly handmade at our workshops in Suffolk, England

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