Titchmarsh & Goodwin

Woods & Finishes: Oak

Our oak colours and finishes give you the flexibility to match our furniture to your interior. Our oak wooden furniture comes in five different finishes, which will bring a warmth and integrity to every interior. Plus, as all of our furniture is hand-polished, we are happy to polish to our customers own requirements, that is if you want to go between a couple of our shades.

We have also recently introduced new matt finishes in greys, browns and a limed finish and if you’d like to have a look at these, please ask. We can send out returnable samples if you want to look at them at home and see how different colours and finishes work in your interior.

Not everyone wants their furniture to look brand new so we offer levels of distressing from very light (just the corners of pieces softened) to very distressed (full of characterful knocks and bumps) or everything in between. As a rule of thumb, the darker the piece, the more distressing it can take. Of course many of our clients like their furniture with a clean finish.

The source of our Oak
Our oak furniture has a solidity, quality and beauty that stands out from our competitors, perhaps because we have control over every stage of production. All of our oak comes from managed woodlands, mostly in East Anglia. We have our own sawmills where the wood is seasoned and air-dried before it makes its five-mile journey to our workshops. A two-inch plank needs up to three years air drying to ensure it can cope with our modern homes and their heating and air conditioning. Thus, each piece really will last a lifetime. Sustainability too is at our heart – we were instrumental in founding Woodland Heritage, renowned for its support of “continuous cover” forestry systems and proud to have HRH The Prince of Wales as a supporter and patron.

Titchmarsh & Goodwin Proudly handmade at our workshops in Suffolk, England